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Returnwatch monitors risks that forced returnees from the European Union face upon arrival in Turkey and provides a practical platform for refugees at risk of deportation and those already deported to Turkey to seek legal aid in Turkey.

All lawyers in Turkey partnering with Returnwatch have expressed their willingness to provide legal aid for forced returnees on a pro bono basis. Returnees are given the option of either a) contacting our publicly listed lawyers directly or b) signing up on our website with a request to be matched with a lawyer from a larger pool.

Beside facilitating access to legal aid in Turkey, Returnwatch seeks to also monitor the human right implications of forced returns to Turkey from Greece (possible under the EU Turkey deal as off the 4th of April 2016) and from other EU member states (possible under the EU Turkey readmission agreement as of the 1st of June 2016). To be able to hold policy makers in Europe accountable, we need to know whether forced returns can be qualified as collective refoulement, whether returnees have effective access to international protection on a case by case basis and whether refugees are safe from being sent from Turkey to countries where they are at risk of serious harm.

Returnwatch will not gather sensitive information about returnees’ asylum claims. Only the information necessary for a lawyer to be able to make an access request to see a client in a detention center in Turkey will be collected.

To offer a higher level of security, Returnwatch uses a system based on Globaleaks for submissions of data and enquiries. When submitting enquiries through this system, your data will be encrypted to prevent it being read by others. For additional anonymity when submitting a contact request, you can use Tor Browser or any other Tor-based solution for your laptop or smartphone. Some examples are Orbot for Android or VPN Browser on iOS. Simply install one of those applications and access this site as if using a normal browser.

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